SDash is an online open source platform for sharing of scientific results among collaborators.

SDash enables scientists to generate and share SmartFigures that link a scientific figure to the underlying source data and structured machine-readable metadata. Users can manage their SmartFigures to share them with groups of colleagues or make them public to share with the whole scientific community. Users can comment and discuss initiating an early scientific dissemination of results.

SDash provides:

  • an intuitive way of sharing scientific results
  • direct access to underlying data for in-depth analysis
  • a rapid mechanism to disseminate scientific results
  • a painless route for organizing results and data

How does it work?

A flow diagram showing how SDash works.

Scientists have their own personal workspace where they upload their result figures by a simple drag & drop. Research results and underlying data are easily organized by linking them with local or remote data files, computer scripts, and protocols. By creating or participating in groups of collaborating peers, researchers can control the visibility of their content. Online commenting opens the interdisciplinary dialogue to exchange ideas, promote critical debates and provides a way for early dissemination of findings ultimately prepare your figures for publication.

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